Growing Up in Broadway

This is part of an ongoing series telling Brent’s story of living and working in the 26th District. This week's story comes from a conversation with Brent about growing up in Broadway. Written by Martha Woodroof.

I grew up next to Grandle Funeral Home in Broadway. Back then there was a sporting goods store on Mason Street, and in elementary school, I loved going in there and looking over what seemed to me as a kid their vast array of spinners and bobbers and lures. I think I must have spent most of my lawn mowing money on fishing gear.

Linville Creek ran fairly close to my house, and my friends and I would fish there a lot during the summer. As I remember it, I didn’t like catching fish nearly as much as I liked going down to the creek with friends, spending time around the water and using equipment I’d bought with my own money.

To this day, I’d rather spend an afternoon at a Rockingham Country swimming hole than an afternoon at the beach.