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  • @morphatic tweeted link to Match Dominion!. 2017-06-10 11:27:29 -0400
    Just made a donation to Friends of Brent Finnegan, you should too! https://votebrent.nationbuilder.com/matchdominion?recruiter_id=45434

    Match Dominion!

    $1,252.25 raised
    GOAL: $8,250.00

    Being raised in Broadway, I know two things about this community:

    1) We rise to a challenge, and
    2) We don't like outsiders pushing us around.

    That's why big money in politics touches such a nerve in us.  

    We know Dominion Energy is the biggest contributor to state-level political campaigns in the Commonwealth...

    But did you know Dominion Energy is influencing elections right here in the 26th District?

    Dominion Energy has donated $8,250 to Del. Wilt since he has been in office (source VPAP).

    At a time when people's property rights, our environment, and BILLIONS of dollars are at stake in a debate about the nearby Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Dominion continues to buy influence in the General Assembly - and with our own delegate here in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.

    Will you help me compete with Dominion's big money?  Can we match their $8,250 with small donations?

    Courts have ruled that money is speech, and big money donations from Dominion are drowning out voices of small business owners, farmers, teachers, parents, and the working poor.  

    In this case, we have a simple way to compete: match Dominion's large contributions to Tony Wilt with small donations from concerned voters like you.

    Will you help even the playing field in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County by matching Dominion's donations to Delegate Wilt?

    We can do this, together!  Here are some ways to reach the goal:

    100 people giving $82.50 = $8,250.   
    200 people giving $41.25 = $8,250.   
    318 people giving $26 for the 26th District = $8250. 

    Only 2-3% of people ever donate to a political campaign.  That means every donation matters even more than you may have thought!

    Don't Let Dominion Push Us Around: Help Us Match Dominion's Influence in Our Local Elections

    How to Donate


    On THIS page!  Or at ActBlue.

    Checks may be mailed!

    Add "Match Dominion!" in the memo line!

    Friends of Brent Finnegan
    P.O. Box 1035
    Harrisonburg, VA 22803

    Thank you for helping all of our voices be heard.  

    It is an honor to represent your desire for a future of alternative and renewable energy.