Thank You - Now on to November!

I am honored to to have won the Democratic nomination in Virginia’s 26th House district. I look forward to a long summer of talking with the people of the district, hearing your concerns, and working with you to develop bold new ideas to the serious challenges Valley residents are facing. Winning in November is going to take all of us working together.

I want to thank Cathy Copeland for a hard fought primary race that focused on the issues. Cathy highlighted many important issues, particularly around gender equality and mental health care resources in Virginia. Our campaign intends to carry the torch forward and fight for those issues in Richmond.

Thank you to the Democratic committees of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County for their work running this unprecedented firehouse primary. Participation in Democratic Party has grown because of this primary, and because a new generation is becoming politically active.

Yesterday’s results show our campaign is bringing together people from across the district, from both the county and the city. Our grassroots campaign would not exist without the hard work of my neighbors in this community. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered and voted. I could not do this without you.

It’s going to take a everyone pitching in to win. We’re not taking money from Dominion, which is why your individual financial contributions are crucial to the success of this campaign.

If we all stand together, from Broadway to Harrisonburg, from JMU to Bergton to Dayton, I’m convinced we will win in November!

Thanks for all you do.